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So Many Questions

When my mom was alive, whenever I would question something affecting my life she would often tell me not to question it. Heaven forbid I question God…

I’m not going to lie – I find myself questioning everything going on in my life right now, especially God.

How much heartache and pain must I go through?

Why must I have a hard time else where in life right now ON TOP of other stuff?

What am I supposed to learn from this experience?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not for a minute take for granted what’s going right for me (health, loving and caring friends and family) – but one man, even strong willed such as myself can only deal with so much.

I often feel this huge weight pressing down on my head, making everything that much tougher on a daily basis.

I can’t seem to make any headway lately.

Just last night I realized how much I miss my life from ten years ago. I was somewhat worry free, rode my motorcycle everywhere and had very little drama in my life. Most importantly, I’d be able to talk to Mom and ask her for advice on a way out of this mess.

Oh. Lest I forget I’ll be thirty soon. Blech.

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