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Welcome to MikeTHIS! formerly, my first foray into the blogging world. I have had a personal website in one form or another since early 2000 and have taught myself various bits of code and programming over the years. Why the sudden change from tek-nics to Mikethis!? I have had the nickname teknics for a really long time and I felt it was time to phase it out – I still own that domain, although it points here.

My Bio

My name is Mike and I grew up in Bethpage, NY. I have played hockey for a majority of my life – and continue to play in several roller and ice hockey leagues throughout the year.

I am not entirely new to the blog scene; I am currently a Photographer and Contributing Writer for two automotive websites, and I have also been published in several automotive magazines (TEN Magazines TRUCKS, Ford Truck World Magazine, Chevy Truckworld Magazine and Dodge Truck World Magazine).

Despite my involvement with the automotive websites, I am not a professional journalist, or even pretend to be one – I am just an Air Conditioning Mechanic who happens to enjoy writing and web design. The automotive stuff is just a hobby that grew into something I never thought it would. I blame it all on Chris really, as Truckblog and Musclecarblog were both started by him. You can read about Chris on his site

I also enjoy photography, something that has really given my Islanders Blog a shot in the arm – as it is one of the most popular features of that site. I currently shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with full intentions on upgrading to a more serious camera in the future. Photography has really opened up a bunch of new doors for me – very similar to the way writing has.

When I have the time, I will add a few images to this bio through Flickr.

Thanks for visiting!

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