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Server Swap!

I know – why bother having a blog if you only seem to use it to repost stuff from your Islesblogger blog?

I fully intend on making some posts here shortly, but I wanted everyone to know that I needed to swap servers and the move is now complete. If anything seems funky, let me know.

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Just wanted to give everyone a big hello ::cue echos::!

After a long wait and many days of deliberation, I have completed my migration from to In the coming days will be directed here and the content will no longer be accessible (no worries though, it all resides here now).

Mike, but why did you give up on tek-nics?

To be honest, this is an easy question. I wanted a personal blog that wasn’t very nicknamish…..

I have had that other domain and nickname for quite a long time (early 2000) and I just felt like I outgrew it and wanted a more “grown-up” place to call my own – a “new house” if you will. I won’t ever let the domain expire though – sentimental value.


Ha – like everything else in my web-life, my good friend Chris talked me into swindling MikeW out of this domain because he was just sitting on it. Chris and I have become pretty close friends over the years and just thought it would be humorous to have a similar domain name for our bloggy blogs. Not really too much of a story there I guess.

What can we expect out of MikeTHIS?

Another good question (Who is this handsome man doing this interview anyway?). Pretty much the same musings you would find at my original blog – only I plan to blog on just about everything that is annoying me, interests me or just needs to be blogged about. I want to show off my word wizardry from time to time – so why not shout out into the vast emptiness that is the intarweb for that deep down feel goodness we have all come to know and love?

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Sorry for the mess!

I realize that this place doesn't exactly look the way it should – the gallery is broken (database got lost) and the navbar has escaped it's table.

This blog has taken a back seat to my other blog – many of the views I get originate there anyway.

In the very near future (after I move) I will convert this site over to wordpress because I really want to see what it can do. I also plan on changing domain names (I will keep tek-nics) because I feel that I have outgrown the nickname/screen name.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


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Small update!

Call it the "Friday Effect" if you will, but I finally added an About Me page. You can click This Link or click on the About Me button in the navbar above.

I will edit it eventually to make it more indepth…but this will suffice for now!

Have a great weekend all!

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Popup update!

Made a fix for the images and comments not popping up in a new window.

Let me know if anyone is still experiencing any issues.


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Quick little update!

Well, looking back a few posts you will see that I had some trouble getting the menu to load on the pages outside of the main page.

Big thanks to Bananstat over at the SimplePHPBlog forum at for pointing me in the right direction.

For something that had been driving me crazy for over a month, I fixed in 2 minutes (even less really) when explained what I did wrong… lol

Anyways, now that that problem is out of the way I will expand my content a bit.

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Status Update

Hey everyone,

I experienced a bit of downtime for about 12-20 hours yesterday. I accidentally let my domain name lapse, I knew it was expiring, but I thought I had more time to renew it. It is a yearly mistake.

In the next week or so I will be switching hosting companies, I have nothing against who I use now, but my friend Jeremy works for a hosting company and is getting me a sweet deal that is about 12 bucks cheaper a month.

I am pretty sure I can do more while on their server, so maybe after this semester at school I can develop this site some more…..

That's pretty much it!

Happy New Year by the way! I hope everyone has a great year in 2006!

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Navbar Success!

After bitching about not having time to do much, I figured out how to get the navbar working. My friend Chris gave me an idea, but I wound up botching my paths (Doh!).

However, I did not assign urls to the buttons just yet :)

PS, for about 2 hours last night there were some javascript errors on my blog, but I fixed them around midnight. :)

Next step is getting it to be static on all pages, but I think I know what to do with that.

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First Look! New Nav Bar!!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick look at what I have been working on – a new navigation bar that I am going to implement into the blog!

Take a look:

I know – I know, I am slacking on the blogging department. Between working and doing school work I have been slammed. What little time I am not doing either of the two – I am passed out.

I am halfway through this semester though and once I get used to working again I should be able to do some interesting site mods!


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Added a MoBlog Category

Now that I realized I can blog via – Mobile, I decided it was time to add a MoBlog category to orgaize those posts.

Not a big update, but one nonetheless!

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