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Greatest Use of LED’s EVER!

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Just wanted to give everyone a big hello ::cue echos::!

After a long wait and many days of deliberation, I have completed my migration from to In the coming days will be directed here and the content will no longer be accessible (no worries though, it all resides here now).

Mike, but why did you give up on tek-nics?

To be honest, this is an easy question. I wanted a personal blog that wasn’t very nicknamish…..

I have had that other domain and nickname for quite a long time (early 2000) and I just felt like I outgrew it and wanted a more “grown-up” place to call my own – a “new house” if you will. I won’t ever let the domain expire though – sentimental value.


Ha – like everything else in my web-life, my good friend Chris talked me into swindling MikeW out of this domain because he was just sitting on it. Chris and I have become pretty close friends over the years and just thought it would be humorous to have a similar domain name for our bloggy blogs. Not really too much of a story there I guess.

What can we expect out of MikeTHIS?

Another good question (Who is this handsome man doing this interview anyway?). Pretty much the same musings you would find at my original blog – only I plan to blog on just about everything that is annoying me, interests me or just needs to be blogged about. I want to show off my word wizardry from time to time – so why not shout out into the vast emptiness that is the intarweb for that deep down feel goodness we have all come to know and love?

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Vanity Sex plate in Virginia Story

You guys gotta see this one:

What a riot!

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