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Back at work!


So this is what it's like after a full day's work? I am tired, dirty and itchy from fiberglass!!

The day went off without any major incidents,although I was 20 minutes late and I did spill my coffee on my lap on the way to work. Seems somethings will never change!

Shoulder is a bit sore, but it was great to pass the day doing something, instead of nothing!

Today's Site Updates!
On the main page I updated the random gallery script and got it working 100%.

I also managed to add a random image to the right side —–>

If you click on the image, it takes you to the fullsize photo in my gallery. I do want to tweak the size of the block it is in though, I don't like the empty space at the bottom.

Well, I am going to hit the showers.

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Ever have good "idears" come to fruition?

So some of you know I have written for Fordtruckworld magazine a few times now. They seem to like my ideas and articles. Awesome…yes! I have another one…

This past Friday I sent an email out to a certain Corporation about a meet we were having at their "Factory Outlet". They emailed me back and seemed fairly interested. I emailed the Editor in Cheif and he loved it, and gave me an even better idea after we see what happens with my first idea. He contacted management of the magazine to give me better leverage to pull off what I want to do…and it looks as if it could turn out to be the opportunity of a lifetime…for me anyway!

Why have I not given the name yet? Because I do not want to A. Jinx it and B. Make it a nightmare for next weekend. Some of the people attending read my site, most do not.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Well, obviously first off I want to wish everyone A Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is a funny night….people running around buying last minute items and wrapping gifts untill the wee hours of the morning.

I added an image to the top of all of blog's pages. This is the same "Camo" image as the rest of the site…only it says Blog.

Also, Sam just heard from the Army's Family Readiness Group about Monica. Her unit arrived tonight in Iraq and are based at Camp Anaconda. Monica is still in Kuwait and will be joining her unit in a few weeks.

We wish you all the best for Christmas M, stay safe and we love you!

The same goes for the rest of the Troops, Merry Christmas, watch your backs and come home soon!

Popularity: 18% [?]